Sam LeCure one classy, stylish dude, but is he French?

Continuing my quest to find a French baseball player I’m here going to study the case of the Great Sam LeCure. I never got the chance to meet him, so everything here is going to be speculation and as always I do this for fun, so don’t read too much into it!


Let’s get started!

Thanks to Wikipedia I learned that Sam LeCure was born in Jefferson City, Missouri. The French settlers came for sure at least that far! Indeed in this state there is a town called St Louis (urgh Cardinals), named after Louis the 9th of France. But all this isn’t very helpful and of course I don’t have a family tree – would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

Sooo the only thing left is precisely what triggered my interest for Mr. LeCure: his very-French sounding last name. I’m sure everyone is now excited to find out what it means once translated. Well once again #63 don’t make this task easy for me but everyone knows that easy rimes with boring (or at least it should) anyways! So if you are indeed from French origin (and I hope you are!) I’m sorry Sam (if I may) to announce to you, that somehow, somewhere your name got misspelled.

There are two possibilities. First originally it was LaCure, which means the treatment. It is a feminine noun so it has the article “la” and not “le” which would be for a masculine noun (isn’t French a nice and easy language to learn???). Or it was LeCuré – the accent got lost in history- and the significance of it is: the priest. Since it’s your name, you can choose the one you prefer 😉


Ooooh wait La Cure is also a river in France and a town in Switzerland… for what it’s worth.

Okay let’s stop speculating, because like everyone knows (specially the American economy) it never ends well…

BUT there is no need to speculate on (or even question) my next statement: Sam LeCure is one classy, stylish dude! The way he rocks the mustache, the way he pitches (love his stand right before he delivers) and what I sense of his approach of the game (he seams to be a loyal teammate!) reminds me of d’Artagnan from the Three Musketeers with the motto “all for one and one for all”. Besides this analogy, there is also the fact that on his twitter account Mr. Le Cure is always sharing some piece of its own philosophy and France is the Nation of Philosophy…

I could write all day about how French Sam LeCure is, he is for sure 100% French-approved. Hope it’s a compliment (at least it is meant that way!).


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